Squirrel Damage to Roof—How to Repair and Prevent It

Squirrels can look awfully cute with their fluffy tails and stuffed cheeks, but these little creatures can create a mess of problems for your home. Squirrel damage to homes includes chewed up decking, shingles, and fascia boards in your roof as they retreat to the dry warmth of your attic.

Once inside, the squirrel can wreak havoc if left alone to nest. They love to chew through electrical wires, putting your home at risk for electrical fires, and they will urinate all over your attic, creating stains, a foul odor, and even cracks or leaks in your celling. These tiny animals can create a big problem, so below are some steps to handle squirrel damage to your roof.

Have the Pesky Critters Removed

The first step to repairing the problems from squirrels on the roof is to get rid of the animals nesting in your roof and attic. Hiring local pest control services is the best way to eliminate any rodent infestation safely and efficiently. Simply cutting down the nearby branches of trees won’t effectively keep the pests away as they can climb up to your roof using the gutters and siding. Best to take this action quickly to avoid a whole family of squirrels joining in on the damage.

Squirrel Damage Repair

As already mentioned, squirrels can cause a lot of damage to your roof, attic, celling, and value of your home. Squirrel hole repair is a common request for roof contractors, and after the pests are gone, roofers can quickly and safely repair the holes and damage. It is best to hire a professional to do the job as it can be dangerous. They have the expertise to safely get the job done right the first time, saving you time and money from potential future damage. Look for the best roofing company in Collierville or Germantown, TN to help you make the repairs today.

How to Prevent Further Damage

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Classic restored house in Memphis with low hanging tree limbs that attract squirrels

Now that the squirrels are gone, and theholes are patched, how do you keep squirrels off your roof and out of your attic? Roofing repair companies near you use the technique of installing drip edge all around the house. Drip edge is a piece of metal that slides underneath the shingles on your roof and goes over your fascia board.

They basically fill the gaps the squirrels were using to get into your attic. Drip boards also help keep water away from your fascia boards to prevent rotting if your gutters back up. While your roofers are there, ask them to take a look at your gutters too to help keep your whole home in tip-top shape.

Squirrels running on your roof can be a large disturbance to the peace of your home, and all the damage they can do can dramatically decrease the value of your home or cost a pretty penny in repairs. If you live in a neighborhood where you see squirrels running on powerlines or in nearby trees, consider taking the preventative measure first and have the drip edge installed today.

At Don Sharp Home Improvement, we can help repair any roof damage and install preventative measures to keep those pesky squirrels away from your home and family. Give us a call today at (901) 335-4325.

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