Springing into March Madness!

As we begin the trek though March and all the festivities and holidays that comes with it, be sure that you aren’t neglecting any of your household maintenance. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, be sure that you’re taking a look around and preparing for the next upcoming seasons and the changes they bring with them.

Springing Into March

As we enter March and hope that spring will arrive sooner rather than later, we would like to invite you to head out and take a look around your house. Check and make sure everything is in order and in tip-top shape. If not, we here at Don Sharp Home Improvements have you covered!

Time To Save Some Daylight!

Are you ready for the changes coming ahead? We sure are… We can’t wait for Daylight savings to be here! Time to do away with the cold and get back to the T-shirt and shorts weather we all know and love! Don’t forget to set your clock forward on March 8th!

Springing into March Madness! 1

Make sure you get your allergy medicine ready before heading out though! As it does every spring, the out spread of pollen will be upon us. So make sure you’re prepared before breaking out the lawn chairs or giving your yard its first cut of the year!

As we step into March, many of us begin to feel…. a wee bit Irish. Even if you don’t really have any shamrock in you. Make sure you wear a little bit of green on the 17th. Unless you want to get pinched that is! Be sure that you’re safe, and take an Uber or a cab if you plan on partaking in the Irish drinking festivities.

We invite you to browse around and look through all of the different services that we have available for you on our website as we leap into spring! You can even check out our other Sharp Insights on this blog page that are beautifully written and go into detail about some of the different services that we offer as well as some that offer tips for getting your house hold ready for springtime and the transition that comes with it!

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