Wood Replacement

Inspection of the Damage and Your Repair Solution


Rotten Wood Replacement

If you live in Memphis long enough… you’ll eventually need to replace some rotten wood. Even the best maintained homes in this region are susceptible to rotten wood. Cornices, exterior window and door trim as well as hard board siding are exposed to the effects of sun, wind, and rain. And, given enough time, some of the wood on these homes will need to be replaced.

We have the tools and expertise to replace any rotten wood

One of the major causes of rotten wood on the exterior of your home are your rain gutters where they drip on the cornices of your house. If gutters are not cleared often, leaves and debris will cause water to back up and run in behind the gutter, causing your fascia boards, to which your gutters are attached, to rot.

If you suspect you have rotten wood in your home contact us at Don Sharp Home Improvements for an inspection of the damage and your repair solution. We will have the tools and expertise to replace any rotten wood in your home. Trying to accomplish a rotten wood replacement on your own may prove to be frustrating, especially if you do not have the expertise, equipment and tools you’ll need to remove the rotten wood.

At Don Sharp Home Improvements we have the experience and expertise to replace the rotten wood in your home. We are knowledgeable in the detection of rotten wood areas that may not be obvious. Our contractors are dedicated to making sure your home is safe and free of wood rot.

Squirrel & Raccoon Damage

Oh yeah… If you live where there’s a lot of trees, you know what critter damage is. There is a small area between the roof decking and the fascia boards that our furry little friends like to chew their way in. As long as they can get their little head in… they’re in. Squirrels, tree rats and raccoons just love to chew their way through to their new happy home.

Wood Replacement 1

Critter Caps

We have the solution! We custom make and install “Critter Caps”. We custom make these out of aluminum for your home that fit under your shingles and are secured to your fascia boards behind your gutters. When the little fur balls see that a “Critter Cap” is installed… they pack up… and move their family to your next door neighbor’s house.

Wood Replacement 2

Why Choose Us?

We have been in the home improvement business since 1984, and you can count on fast, friendly, and reliable service on each and every home improvement project we take on. With over 30 years experience as residential roofers in Memphis, we make sure our installers are continually educated on the changing trends within the industry. We believe that our commitment to constantly updating our knowledge of this industry, plus our friendly and helpful attitude, means that our services are the best you can find.

At Don Sharp Home Improvements, we are proud to be recognized as a member of TVA’s Quality Contractor Network… which means we meet their strict rules and regulations.