How To Deal With A Leak In Your Roof

A roof leak can be deceiving—what looks like just a little dark spot on the ceiling can actually be a sign of real damage to come in your home. Roof leaks can lead to the growth of mold and can rot away the wooden framing of your house.

If you notice a leak in your roof, you should look into finding a roofing company or handyman to repair the leak. Below are some steps you can take if you notice water damage in your home. 

Control the Damage 

How To Deal With A Leak In Your Roof 1

Most often, you will discover a roof leak in the rain, when water entering the roof can create dark brown spots on the ceiling or make paint appear to bubble. When you notice a leak in the roof, make sure that you control any dripping water. Place a bucket under the leak and cover or remove any objects that may be damaged.  

For severe leaks, you may need to contact your insurance company.  If the leak is very severe, and a lot of water is entering the house, you may need to contact an emergency roof repair service to deal with the damage. 

Pinpoint the Leak

How To Deal With A Leak In Your Roof 2
Insurance Adjuster marked leak sources due to hail damage on insured’s roof

It can be hard to figure out where exactly a roof has been compromised. Water can enter the roof where shingles are old, loose, or missing, or where the seals on vents, chimneys, and dormer windows have worn and pulled away from the roof. 

When water gets inside, it doesn’t drip directly down, but runs down the inside of the roof or along a rafter before dripping down into the insulation, where it can appear as several spots on the ceiling. Even on flat roofs, water may not drip directly downwards, but may run to a seam in the roof before it drips through to the ceiling.

How To Deal With A Leak In Your Roof 3

If you have attic access, go into the attic on a rainy day and look for dark spots or mold on the underside of the roof, where water is getting in. Wet or moldy insulation can also be a sign that you are close to the source of the leak, though keep in mind that the leak may not be directly above it. If you can pinpoint a possible problem spot, you can aid in repairing the leak on a dry day when a leak is not so evident. 

Call A Trusted Roofing Company

While the internet is full of ways that you can repair a roof yourself, and while the idea of how much a repair may cost could drive you onto the roof, it’s not worth injuring yourself. Roof leak repair cost can be a tenth of the price of a new roof, and significantly less expensive than repairing structural damage, such as rotted framing.  

If you’re looking for roofing services in Germantown, TN, or Collierville, TN, for roof replacement or roof leak repair, an independent contractor at Don Sharp Home Improvements can help. Check out our roofing page or give us a call at (901) 335-4325. 

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