February is The Month of Love

Sharing the Love

February is known as the month of LOVE! Don Sharp Home Improvement wants to share a little bit of LOVE with all of our customers!

February is The Month of Love 1

This month we want to make it known to all of our customers past, present, & those whose business we have not yet had the pleasure of earning. From the bottom of our hearts here at Don Sharp Home Improvements, we love you and appreciate the privilege and opportunity of enriching an aspect of your life. Weather it was putting a new roof over your families head, repairing the one currently over your heads, giving you the bathroom you had always dreamed of and so, so much more! Thank you for giving us the chance and opportunity to be the ones that helped you in your time of need. Being the month of love we would also like to invite you to hug your loved ones a little longer, say I love you a little more, and just cherish the time that you have with the ones you love.

We Love to Cover All of Our Customers Needs

February is The Month of Love 2

Show your house some Love by clicking the link at the top of this E-mail to visit our website or simply head on over to https://donsharphomeimprovemen…,
to browse around and look through all of the different services that we offer to help maintain, fix up, or help give a fresh new look to the home where you and your loved ones spend your time! As well as to take a look at our beautifully written blogs that offer Sharp Insights to different things around your home. Once you’ve had your fill, click the Free Estimate button in the top right corner and set up your appointment so that our team can breath some new life, love and care into your home!

Click on our FREE ESTIMATE button at the top right corner and schedule an appointment with us TODAY! We LOVE YOU and can’t wait to hear from you!

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