Concrete Installation


Concrete Installation

Most homeowners choose concrete installation for sidewalks, driveways, patios, RV Pads, Retaining Walls, and foundations because the final results require little maintenance. How well your concrete looks and performs long-term is largely related to the quality of workmanship and materials that go into it. To help ensure a problem-free install, Don Sharp Home Improvements offers you their services.

Trust Your Concrete Construction Project to Us

You can come to our experienced professionals for high-quality concrete work. Trust your concrete construction project to us, and rest assured that our dependable team will complete it on time. We are an established company that successfully completes a wide variety of jobs with the highest level of integrity.

We take pride in the quality of work that we perform. Our team makes sure that every job meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations. From concrete replacement and repairs to several other home improvement services, count on our team of experts to get each project done right.

We are licensed, bonded,and fully insured to help ease your mind on finding a quality concrete contractor. We also have a clean & proven track record with the Better Business Bureau.

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Why Choose Us as Your Concrete Contractor?

We have been in the home improvement business since 1984, and you can count on fast, friendly, and reliable service on each and every home improvement project we take on. With over 30 years experience as residential roofers in Memphis, we make sure our installers are continually educated on the changing trends within the industry. We believe that our commitment to constantly updating our knowledge of this industry, plus our friendly and helpful attitude, means that our services are the best you can find. Lastly, we make it a point to meet all potential customers personally in hopes of building a relationship with them and providing them with education about the home improvement project they are considering having done on their home before a final contract is submitted and work commences.  We care about getting to know our customers as much as we care about earning their business!