3 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows during the Winter

One of the joys of the winter season is bundling up in a warm home with hot cocoa and a blanket, a fire crackling in the background. The harsh cold really makes everyone appreciate having a warm retreat inside, but a high electric bill or drafty windows can put a frosty stopper to your holiday cheer.

3 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows during the Winter 1

That is why good home insulation is a priority during the winter season. There are multiple home insulation types and one of the best investments are energy efficient windows. Listed below are 3 of the benefits of high performance windows.

Improve your Insulation

 For how to keep cold air from coming through the windows, energy efficient windows are a sure way to better your insulation. Window insulation helps create another barrier against chilly weather, keeping the cold out and the heat in.

3 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows during the Winter 2

While you think any old windows will work, you might be surprised with how helpful energy efficient windows can be to get rid of drafts and cold spots in rooms all over your house. There are lots of different insulation types and insulation prices, so consult a professional home improvement company like Don Sharp Home Improvements to help you make the right choice for you home.

Protect your Home

3 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows during the Winter 3

The best energy efficient windows can help you protect your home and the items inside. The windows have a film that acts like sunglasses for your house, keeping the UV rays out of your home. These rays can damage carpets, rugs, and other fabrics and even wood flooring and your furniture. With energy efficient windows you won’t have to worry about fading or deterioration.

Energy efficient windows also prevent condensation buildup, which reduces the risk of mold and water spots. This provides a cleaner home with less maintenance. Not to mention, outside noises will be muted with energy efficient windows. Your neighbor’s band practice won’t disrupt your Saturday mornings anymore.

Lower your Costs

Most people considering high performance windows wonder how much do energy efficient windows save? As previously mentioned, energy efficient windows improve your insulation. Improved insulation means that your cooling and heating unit won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.

3 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows during the Winter 4

This means you save on your utility bill! You also might be able to receive a tax credit when you install energy efficient windows. Also, with the lack of mold and water spots, you cost of maintenance will decrease. The savings will compound over time when you install energy efficient windows.

Bonus! Help the Environment

The less energy you use in heating and cooling your home, the less energy is used from fossil-fuel sources like coal or gas-fired power plants. Any small step towards helping the environment and conserving resources is a perk that should be considered.

There are many good reasons to install energy efficient windows. Whatever your reason, be sure to hire a professional to get the job done right the first time. Consider Don Sharp Home Improvement for your new high-performance window installation. Be sure to contact us with any questions at (901) 335-4325 and click here for your free energy efficient window cost estimate!

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