Benefits of Hiring a Professional

We all spend lots of time in the kitchen; it has become the center of activity in many homes. What if your cabinets are older and showing their age, and you are ready to fix-it? What about the nasty dark stains around the handles on the cabinet doors? Should you replace or restore your kitchen cabinets? You have two principal options to consider: Replace or Repaint.

Replacement – Costs a little more, and you’ll need a the help of a qualified carpenter to make sure the job is done right, and that you get exactly what you want. Replacing your cabinets will also give you the opportunity to change the layout of your kitchen if you want.

Repainting – Looks good if done properly and it’s least expensive of the two options. Of course, it doesn’t allow for changes in the design or layout, and your cabinets must be in good shape. Paint is now considered a modern finish for cabinets.

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Despite what you see on some of the cute, popular and trendy (cheap, quick and wrong?) fix-it shows on TV, you should not just slap a coat of paint on your existing cabinets. You would get a quick change of color. You would also get a maintenance and durability problem that will never be resolved without complete surface preparation and repaint- ing. You need to dismantle, prep the surfaces, prime and then paint for a durable and professional finish.

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3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting Contractor

Making the choice between painting your own kitchen cabinets and hiring a professional painting contractor can be a puzzling one. On the one hand, you’re likely going to see some savings doing the work yourself. On the other hand, well, you’re doing the work yourself. There are actually three big benefits to hiring a professional kitchen cabinet painting contractor in Memphis, so let’s explore why you might want to consider it.

Speed Matters

Painting a kitchen is not like painting the spare room! The kitchen is the most important room in the house. Meals are centered there, it’s where kids do their homework, and it just seems to be the gathering place in the home. Doing a DIY painting project in the kitchen can be time-consuming for the home painter, who has to find time between work, family, and other obligations to complete the job. Bringing in an experienced, professional cabinet painting contractor can make the process practically painless. Some contractors, remove the cabinet doors and paint them entirely offsite, leaving only the framed portions to be painted on-site. This means one of the most important places in your home isn’t disrupted for weeks on end, instead, for just a day or two. Painting contractors are skilled at completing a job quickly and efficiently, while maintaining their high professional standards.

Preparation Makes All The Difference

What makes the difference between a regular DIY paint job and a professional paint job? Preparation! One of the steps that home painters sometimes forget is proper prep work in painting kitchen cabinets. Sanding, stripping, and damage repair are vital steps in a great cabinet paint job. Professional painting contractors have the experience and tools to properly prepare your kitchen cabinets for painting. This is why you can usually tell the difference between a DIY job and a professional one — experience matters when it comes to a stunning finished look. In addition, proper preparation ensures a long-lasting paint job that will stay beautiful for years to come.

Professional-Grade Painting Products

While DIY painters typically buy their paints at the home improvement warehouse, professional painting contractors have access to high-quality paints at wholesale prices. Many painters, use a top-quality pre-catalized epoxy based paint, which is stronger than traditional melamine paints. This means your kitchen cabinets cure for only 7 days, instead of the traditional 30 days.

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